Bio-Numeric Tuning Fork Therapy

Is a healing modality Christine is currently developing by using tuning forks and an enhanced look at the clients Bio-Numeric energies contained within one’s name and birthday.  This is a very gentle, yet powerful energy therapy to treat the whole bio-energy field and helps to restore inner balance and health. It works with the nervous system, the tissues and the more subtle energies that surround the body. It is deeply relaxing and restoring and it can offer long-term benefits. The nervous system is our interface with the outside world, an incredibly sophisticated and wonderful instrument that deserves good tuning as often as possible! Sound has the ability to interact within our subtle structure and can assist the shifting of stuck energies at many levels.

Energy and Vibration are everything, and everything is vibration and energy. Bio-Numeric Tuning Fork Therapy assists with many physical, emotional, and mental stresses. It allows us to be in a state of ease and promotes a higher level of wellness and vitality. This can be achieved by exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio and Harmonic frequencies and can give us a greater sense of balance and deep healing. The many frequencies of tuning forks align us with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe. The sessions can help restore physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, by accomplishing specific goals through the use of eliminating negative beliefs, expanding your awareness and consciousness and exploring your higher potential. We first embark to discover what is needed through a Bio-Numeric report in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through a process of examining your numerology, and astrology.  This is done through the use of excluded life lesson report. A written consult and protocol will then be formulated to enhance your healing sessions.

Tuning sessions involve the use of Solfeggio Frequency Tuning Forks and other fork frequencies. The tuning fork session addresses and balances your bio-energy field by redirecting distortions in your harmonic resonance. The distorted energies are addressed and gently moved back into the Chakra energy center and are then re-balanced through your Chakra System to bring about the healing. The tuning fork session may include placing stones around the body or hands-on healing.  Even flow, balance,  joy, and harmony can be gracefully restored and maintained within an energy system. The effect of Bio-Numeric Sound Therapy™ brings us into a natural healing state supporting physical health, mental well-being, and a spiritual connection reboot or a simple aura massage.

Bio-Numeric Sound Therapy | Tuning Forks Garnereville, Nevada, Bio-Energy Tuning
Tuning Forks and Crystal Energies

The body begins to naturally heal by activating its natural healing bio-energies by restoring energies that have become weak, static, frazzled or out of balance. Bio-Numeric Tuning Fork Therapy is meant to activate and enhance the body’s own healing capabilities, because, the only one capable of healing you is you.  There are multiple layers of electromagnetic energies abounding around our bodies in the atmosphere. We are immersed in these energies and respond to them continuously.

Bio-Numeric Tuning Fok Therapy can be used to stop the onset of illness as soon as it begins, stimulate immune function, relieve headaches, relief from PMS pain, menopause symptoms, release stress, improve memory, enhance digestion, ease arthritis, neck, shoulder, back and chronic pain. It is simply an awakening for the body’s ability to heal on all levels.

~Sound will be the medicine of the future~ Edgar Cayce