Tuning Forks and Sound

Sonophonic Energy Therapy is a complementary healing modality using Tuning Forks for Sound Healing. SET can be used in addition to other complementary modalities within our mainstream medical care. Sonophonic Energy Therapy assists with many physical illnesses, emotional stresses, and allows us to be in a state of ease. Sonophonic Energy Therapy can promote a higher level of wellness. Sonophonic Energy Therapy can also assist if you are experiencing life with dis-ease, chronic pain, PTSD, nervous conditions or are just wanting to maintain your current wellness, and vitality. Sonophonic Energy Therapy can also improve your scholastic or athletic performance. Sound healing with tuning forks assists us in many ways to achieve optimal health.

Sonophonic Energy Therapy is a form of therapy that is being developed by Christine Janette. Through the utilization of intention and accessing the energies of the mineral kingdom through numerology and astrology. The sessions can help restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance, by accomplishing specific goals through the use of eliminating negative beliefs, expanding your awareness and consciousness and exploring your higher potential.

SET Sessions involve the use of Tuning Forks. The tuning fork session addresses and balances your energy field by redirecting distortions in your harmonic resonance and cleansed through your Chakra System. During the sessions, Christine uses Crystal Energies and healing through the Gold Ray. We later embark to discover what is needed by consultation in your physical, mental and emotional bodies through a process of examining your numerology, and astrology. This is done through the use of excluded life lessons of the client’s name and birth date.  A written consult will then be formulated to enhance future healing sessions. A tuning fork session may include placing stones around the body while also using tuning forks or hands-on healing.  Even flow, balance,  joy, and harmony can be gracefully restored and maintained within an energy system. The effect of Sonophonic Energy Therapy on the physical body is that it assists to bring us into a natural healing state supporting physical health, mental well-being, and a spiritual connection reboot or aura massage.

Tuning Forks Sebastopol

Tuning Forks and Crystal Energies

The body naturally heals by activating its natural healing bio-energies and can also be improved by restoring energies that have become weak, static, frazzled or out of balance. Sonophonic Energy Therapy’s entire focus is to activate and enhance the body’s own healing capabilities, because, the only one capable of healing you is you.  There are multiple layers of electromagnetic energies abounding around our bodies in the atmosphere. We are immersed in these energies and respond to them continuously.

Sonophonic Energy Therapy can be used to stop the onset of illness as soon as it begins, stimulate immune function, relieve headaches, relief from PMS pain, menopause symptoms, release stress, improve memory, enhance digestion, ease arthritis, neck, shoulder, back and chronic pain. This is done by restoring and balancing our health through our Energy Field. Sonophonic Energy Therapy works to assist and optimize overall health and doesn’t focus on curing disease, but awakening the body’s ability to heal on all levels wherein the dis-ease may no longer exist.

~Sound will be the medicine of the future~ Edgar Cayce

Why use Crystals of the Mineral Kingdom?
Crystals have always been used throughout history for healing. Crystals work with the human energy field and can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body assisting the body to find its natural rhythm.  Crystals have a very high rate of vibration and are utilized extensively in modern technology these days.  Crystals are energy magnifiers that are capable of absorbing and enhancing other energies. They can be programmed to assist us with almost anything. They are incredibly powerful and so should always be used with respect. Crystals are alive like everything else in the universe. They vibrate at different numeric levels depending on their composition and color. Their characteristics make up our exclusions and inclusions to help Christine review and assist your needs in this life through healing.


 ~~ Disclaimer ~~

As a Metaphysical Holistic Health Practitioner, Christine Janette does not diagnose, prescribe, or advise about any medical condition or treatment. Energy therapies are NOT a replacement for conventional medical treatment offered by physicians. Always consult with your doctor about any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before adjusting medication or course of treatment.