Gold Ray VS. Reiki

The Golden Ray has several specific qualities and attributes that can be used in order to focus healing energies on a person.

Number one attribute of Golden Ray healing is in its relation to purification. It is known that Gold Ray energy can cleanse out certain blocks of energy that are in a person easily. The Gold Ray is associated with a pure form of energy.  Gold Ray healing can move into a person and cause a higher vibration of energy to move through that person, which will assist and cause the healing.

Secondly, the attribute of the Golden Ray is being able to transform darkness and fear attributes. It can move these with its energy source into forms of light, color, sound, and happiness inside a person. If you are having problems with phobias, depression, etc. then using Gold Ray as a source will help you to solve these problems.

The Golden Ray is a superior light expressway for the golden source of light energy to carry the light codes of the divine plan throughout the cosmos. The Golden Ray births the pure love of Source Divine into the universe through our centers, giving us the powerful responsibility to manifest all that is for our highest good and the highest good of all.

There is a misconception that the healing energy of Reiki comes from outside ourselves and is drawn in through our crown chakra. According to Reiki energy is defined as such:

Reiki energy comes from the Higher Power, which exists on a higher dimension than the physical world we are familiar with. When viewed clairvoyantly, Reiki energy appears to come down from above and to enter the top of the practitioner’s head after which it flows through the body and out the hands.”

By this definition, Reiki is drawn in through our crown chakra, then it is not coming directly from the source.

Divine power is not found outside of ourselves and does not enter our crown chakra. It is channeled through our heart centers from within ourselves and comes through from our souls.

There is no doubt that the collective intention of Reiki is a wonderful modality, it’s important to understand that any energy coming from outside ourselves may have been defiled in some way. Collecting the energies and belief systems of others, therefore losing its purity. This interpretation is not being shared to place negativity around Reiki in any way. Without a doubt, there are thousands of Reiki practitioners changing lives every day, with positive results and impacting the consciousness of this planet. This information I share is so that we can each move forward to embody our truest Divine Power.

Through the expansion and purification of our hearts, we each have the power to manifest a world beyond anything we can imagine for ourselves. All we need to do is trust the beat and the path of our hearts to unfold the divine plan for our highest good. We taking leaps and bounds in our consciousness and are being asked to adapt and evolve our way of perceiving energy as we rise into a purer state of being. Now is the time for us to embody our fullest benevolent magnificence. Recognize our own inner central sun that is connected to all the other suns in the cosmos. These suns, collectively constitute the Great Central Sun, the Creator in our universe.

We have the power to manifest within the infinite potential of the divine plan through our sacred hearts. It is our destiny, and it is now.