As a Metaphysical Minister, I also offer these Minister Services

Funeral Officiant | Non-Denominational & Non-Traditional Services

I would be blessed to have you allow me to officiate at your beloveds funeral service in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe areas. As you plan the Celebration of Life ceremony I can be a perfect fit to speak words on behalf of the family. I can help you create a meaningful, beautiful, and thoughtful ceremony. Your End of Life Celebration should be as unique as your beloved transitions from this life to the next.

House Blessing 

Also known as house healings, house clearings, house cleansings, house blessing, and space clearing; are rites intended to protect the inhabitants of your home from misfortune, whether before moving into it or to “heal” it after an occurrence. I would be blessed to conduct this for your home and make it a space you feel good in.

Wedding Officiant | Non-Denominational – Non-Traditional & Pagan Weddings. 

I would be blessed to have you allow me to officiate your wedding in Sonoma County. As you plan your ceremony I can be a perfect fit to assist you in planning your big life event. I can help you create a meaningful, beautiful, and thoughtful ceremony that reflects both personalities. Your Wedding Ceremony should be as unique as you both are.

Marriage License Douglas County

Getting married in Nevada.

Will you meet with us prior to the wedding day?
I provide pre-ceremony consultations. The first generally covers getting to know the couple and any specific components that they want to have incorporated into their ceremony. I will offer options for ceremony consideration and cover the key components of a ceremony from top to bottom. The second consultation brings it all together and solidifies plans. If more is needed, we can make that happen. I can help you create a meaningful, beautiful, and thoughtful ceremony that reflects both personalities. Your Wedding Ceremony should be as unique as you both are.

Can you personalize a ceremony to our special needs?
No ceremonies are ever the same. Each ceremony incorporates background and qualities that are unique to each couple. I work to make sure your ceremony reflects your individuality and uniqueness.

Can you officiate our wedding in a church or religious place?
Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe are meccas for stunning outdoor wedding ceremonies.  I can conduct a ceremony in a church, with church approval.

Who handles the marriage license?
As the wedding officiant solemnizing the wedding, I complete the license and mail it back to the county where it was issued. It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain a marriage license prior to the wedding.

How do we obtain a marriage license in the state of Nevada?
Both parties must be present with valid picture identification (driver’s license, passport or government/military ID). The license will remain valid for 90 days, and the ceremony must be performed within that time period.

The cost of a marriage license varies from county to county and is dependent on the type of license issued.


General (Public) Marriage License – Nevada. Marriage can be performed anywhere in Nevada. Only one witness required. Witness does not have to be known to the bride and groom prior to the ceremony. The license is a matter of public record, and the marriage is recorded at the county office that issued the license.

Will I receive a certified copy of the marriage license after the wedding?
A certified copy of the registered license as proof of marriage may be required for legal purposes. A certified copy is not automatically issued; it must be requested from the County Clerk Office and paid for after the ceremony is performed and the license registered. Cost for a certified copy of a marriage license in Sonoma County is $16.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wedding officiant?
A wedding officiant is a person who performs the religious or secular ceremony for a wedding. Most wedding officiants have ordained clergy, though legal officials (such as judges), Justices of the Peace, marriage commissioners and notaries can also legally officiate weddings.

Why should I choose you to officiate at my wedding?
I love LOVE and marriage. I do not follow a standard script.  I work closely with each unique couple to plan and execute a wedding ceremony that celebrates the love they share and their individuality.

How far do you travel?
I can travel up to 100 miles from my home base of Gardnerville, Nevada. Additional travel fees may apply. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Can you recommend wedding venues in the wine country?
I have experience in wedding planning, and I live in such diversity and beauty from the dessert to the beautiful Lake Tahoe. I can absolutely assist you in suggestions, planning, and recommendations on an individual basis.

Can you work with our wedding planner?
Of course, I can. A good wedding planner is a cornerstone to the success of your wedding, from beginning to end. No two weddings are alike. I can work with each couple, in harmony, planner included, to make your ceremony unique and memorable.

Can you officiate any day of the week or year?
I can be available to officiate your ceremony any time during the year. Please inquire about open dates.

Do you offer inter-faith, non-denominational or secular weddings?
Couples come from many differing backgrounds, and the ceremony will reflect that diversity. What is said between two people and how it resonates with them is very important. I am open-minded, love inspired, spiritually diverse, with the freedom and flexibility of crafting your ceremony, whether it is a blend of religious backgrounds or completely secular.

Do you marry same-sex couples?
Of course, I do, I consider it a privilege to participate in all weddings.